Terms and Conditions

1. Contestants


The program is addressed to customers, operators and followers of INTERNATIONAL trucks®, as well as to the INTERNATIONAL authorized dealers’ personnel.


2. Method and date of submission.


2.1 Send the photos to Juan Rueda’s e-mail, [email protected].


2.2 By sending the photos, it is understood that you entirely accept the Terms and Conditions.


2.3 The contestant should take one or several photos of his INTERNATIONAL truck, showing its great performance in hard terrain and conditions.


2.4 Fill in the photos’ ownership document (, with all required fields, including a brief summary of the photo, the place where it was taken and the response to the question: “Why is your INTERNATIONAL truck your best companion in the most difficult terrains?”, and send it to [email protected]


2.5 Deadline for submission: August 15, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.


3. Categories:


The photos must be of one of the following INTERNATIONAL truck models:


a. DuraStar

b. WorkStar

c.  PayStar

d. TranStar

e. ProStar

f.  LoneStar

g. 9000 series


4. Photo Requirements


The photos must be of one or more INTERNATIONAL brand trucks and comply with the following requirements:


4.1 Send digital photo(s), copyright free and usage charge free.


4.2 The truck must be INTERNATIONAL and of one of the models specified under “Categories”.


4.3 The INTERNATIONAL truck must be distinctly visible and be performing its work in difficult and demanding conditions.


4.4 Take the photo with a camera or cellular with a resolution of at least 6 megapixels (the file size must be larger than 1 MB). Do not reduce the photo file size when sending them.


4.5 Only high-resolution digital photos (minimum 250 dpi) in JPEG format (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) will be considered.


4.6 The photo must be in landscape mode.


4.8 Make sure that the truck is not cut off and that it fits entirely within the photo frame.


4.9 The front of the INTERNATIONAL truck must be visible.


4.10 The INTERNATIONAL diamond must be clearly visible and not be cut off.


4.11 The person winning the prize is the one appearing on the photo registration.


The contestant understands that the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of the INTERNATIONAL® - 2018 ROAD CHALLENGE PHOTO implies the assignment to Navistar INTERNATIONAL® of the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights, regarding the photos that may appear in the 2018 INTERNATIONAL calendar, as well as in any other advertising material of the brand.


The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions also authorizes Navistar INTERNATIONAL® to publish the photos in the 2018 INTERNATIONAL calendar and other advertising material of the brand.


It also authorizes Navistar INTERNATIONAL® to edit, modify, copy, publish or distribute the photos. The contestant understands that with his acceptance of the Terms and Conditions this material will now be the property of Navistar INTERNATIONAL®.


The contestant acknowledges that his participation is voluntary and that he will not receive any financial compensation. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the contestant acknowledges having read this communication and fully understanding the contents, meaning and impact of this authorization.


5. Evaluation criteria


The following criteria will be used for selecting the best photos:


5.1 The photos must comply with the requirements outlined in item 4.


5.2 The photos that comply with such requirements will be considered for the calendar under the following criteria:


a. INTERNATIONAL brand truck(s) in operation, in a difficult and demanding work environment (road, construction, mines, etc.)


b. The place where the photo is taken must show the characteristics of the country (geography, work route, culture, etc.)


c. The photos must reflect creativity and performance.


d. The contestant must have sent all the information required in the contest registration form, including the response to the question: “Why is your INTERNATIONAL truck your best companion in the most difficult terrains?”


6. Evaluation team


The photos will be rated and selected by the INTERNATIONAL marketing area, regional sales managers and the INTERNATIONAL advertising agency, between August 16 and 30, 2017. The winners will be announced on October, 2017


7. Prizes


7.1 All photos that comply with the requirements, will be published at and


7.2. The 12 selected photos will receive the following prizes:


a. Publication of the photo in the 2018 INTERNATIONAL calendar and:


·         First place: iPhone 7* + INTERNATIONAL product kit

·         Second place: GoPro HERO Session* Camera and INTERNATIONAL product kit

·         Third place: GoPro HERO Session* Camera

·         The other 9 photos will receive INTERNATIONAL promotional products


*Or similar, depending on availability in each country.


7.3 The winners will be announced through the social media of JUAN RUEDA.


7.4 The delivery of the prizes is scheduled for December 2017.


7.5 The distributor in the winner’s country of residence will purchase the prizes locally and hand them to the winner.



7.6 Navistar INTERNATIONAL will issue a credit memo to the distributor for the amount agreed upon for the prize.


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